Sieve Analysis Report System  


Sieve Analysis Report System

Step 1 – Evaluate the System

You can use the trial version of the system free for 30 days to see if it suits your requirements. If you use it beyond 30 days you are obliged to pay the license fee. Please read the License Agreement for details. If you do not register the system, it will stop functioning 30 days after it was first run. If you need more time for evaluation, please e-mail us for an extension.

You are free to supply copies of the trial version of the system to other parties for their evaluation.

Step 2 – Purchase a License

The cost of a site license fee for the system is:

Basic System (not including PDF/Email)

  CA$750.00 or US$750.00

Optional PDF Generation & Email Feature

            CA$200.00 or US$200.00

To pay by cheque, company purchase order, or international bank transfer, please fax or mail this Order Form

Step 3 – Unlock the System

Once we receive your order, we will e-mail you back with your registration serial number that unlocks the system, usually within 24 hours.

When you receive your registration message, start up your copy of the system and choose Register from the opening splash screen. (or, select Help | Register from the main menu). Enter the registration data exactly as shown, since the registration serial number is keyed to this information.

The registration serial number removes the 30 day trial limitation and unlocks the system for this copy and any other copy of the system which shares common data on a local area network.

Keep your copy of the registration message for use in subsequent re-installation of the system if necessary.

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